I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses.

a little princess, frances hodgson burnett
legal namecharlotte fleur géroux
also known aslottie, lots, charlie
date of birth + zodiacaugust 28th, 1992 + 23 * virgo
hometownmanhattan, new york
current residencetarrytown, new york (with marcy)
occupationpersonal assistant; etsy hoe
status + orientationsingle pringle + pansexual
when autumn harrison and nicolas géroux split amicably following their whirlwind summer fling, neither expected to be involved in an emotional phone call babbling about throwing up during soccer practice and a positive pregnancy test. the pair were a mere twenty and twenty-one respectively - neither anywhere near ready for a child. while autumn initially leaned toward termination, nicolas, with the full support of his parents, offered up an alternative that the young girl eagerly agreed to. with the agreement that nico would take full custody once the baby was born, autumn agreed to go through with the pregnancy. and so, on august 28th, 1992, charlotte fleur geroux made a fairly non-eventful entrance into the world. despite his young age, nicolas took to fatherhood almost immediately. though things began as trial and error, his daughter quickly became the apple of his eye.

as a young girl, lottie spent much of her time with her grandparents - a side effect of her papa working hard to one day take over the family business. lottie's grand-mère, céleste, provided a positive maternal influence, teaching her the ins and outs of proper manners while also providing her with the beginnings of household skills. lottie was seemingly oblivious about her lack of a mother, happily occupied with the family that she did have, until an unfortunate bullying incident in kindergarten that left her in tears. it took a lengthy conversation, two ice cream sandwiches, and a heartfelt declaration from nicolas that her mother's loss was his gain to calm her down but she eventually moved on to bigger dilemmas - such as what to take for show and tell to upstage her now sworn enemy. lottie paid no mind to what some may have perceived as a "lack" of a mother and siblings. while her family made sure that she wanted for nothing, they took care not to spoil her. céleste, in particular, knew just when to issue tough love and the appropriate amount of criticism, making the young girl work for what she wanted. the end goal, while providing a loving environment for the child to flourish, was to leave her well-rounded and accomplished.

like many in the neighborhood, lottie eventually transitioned to a private school that was meant to lead her to bigger and better things. it was there that she became incredibly focused on academia to the point where it became a fault. nicolas may never have reprimanded her or put undue pressure on her to make good grades but she felt that she owed it to her papa and the name of geroux to come out on top. it wasn't long before she developed anxiety over the issue, feeling like a failure if she made any grade below a 95 (though that was borderline unacceptable). by the age of twelve, she had developed test anxiety so severe that it often made her physically ill, manifesting most often in the form of headaches and nausea. as stubborn as her papa, lottie typically refused to the take the anxiety medication prescribed by her physician. it did help a bit but the the fact that it made her feel like an aimless zombie negated any possible positive feelings towards it.

when it came time to transition to high school, nicolas felt that it was best that lottie make the move back to public school. his hope was that the difference in environment would help her to relax and move past her anxiety issues. unfortunately, the harm had already been done. during her sophomore year, lottie began smoking weed as a way to relax and unwind before a big test. it was enough to take the edge off and calm her brain to the point where she could focus without feeling trapped in her own body. she managed to keep her relaxation methods a secret until her senior year when an unfortunate incident involving her papa returning home early from a business trip occurred. nicolas was, thankfully, understanding of the situation and made a promise that he wouldn't crack the whip unless it began to impact her negatively. lottie went on to graduate as valedictorian with a healthy academic scholarship to NYU. initially, she had considered taking a mental health year but decided it was best to take the leap and get things over with.

lottie floated through her four years at NYU in much the same way as she had high school. she was outgoing, but not too outgoing - just friendly enough to attract a solid circle of friends that always had her back but also warrant a friendly wave from strangers when trekking across campus. she loved her fun but was also constantly vigilant of her academic standing which often made her the butt of her friends' jokes. in addition, though her papa and grand-pére had bith offered her an office job, she turned them down in order to have the full college experience. unsurprisingly, the full college experience involved being ordered around by crazed idiots for too-little pay and sore feet. when graduation time came in 2014, she promptly closed the book on her coffee-slinging experience and found employment as her papa's personal assistant.

since 2014, lottie has spent her time outside of work developing a fairly lucrative etsy business selling bath bombs and homemade soaps. she isn't currently putting her business administration to very good use, but impending plans with her roommate - and best friend - marcy - should soon see that changing. at nearly twenty-hour, she doesn't claim to have her life all figured out. despite her sunny and happy-go-lucky demeanor, she typically has one big freak out every few weeks about her lack of a solid career. her family has been supportive in her choices despite their hope that she would one day join the business as more than a personal assistant.
fathernicolas géroux (45)
motherautumn harrison (44 - never met)
grandparentslucien (77) + céleste géroux (née laurent, 75)
aunts + uncles lisette carmichael (39), garrett carmichael (39), olivier géroux (36), rebecca géroux (30), prudence siciliano (32), anthony siciliano (35)
cousinsdarren carmichael (15), daisy carmichael (15), jacob carmichael (12), theo géroux (2), ian siciliano (9), ethan (5)
petsserena + sakura
90's cartoons, abusing emojis, bath bombs, charity miles, coloring books, digital art, lightning storms, paranormal podcasts, piggy banks, queso, refrigerator magnets, sailor scouts, scented candles

bad wifi connections, dentists, green peas, misogny, racism, raisins, white feminism

ESFP-A * the entertainer role: explorer | strategy: people mastery
mind - how we interact with the environment
100% extraverted: extraverted individuals prefer group activities and get energized by social interaction. they tend to be more enthusiastic and more easily excited than introverts

energy - where we direct our mental energy
32% intuitive | 68% observant: observant individuals are highly practical, pragmatic and down-to-earth. they tend to have strong habits and focus on what is happening or has already happened.

nature - how we make decisions and cope with emotions
40% thinking | 60% feeling: feeling individuals are sensitive and emotionally expressive. they are more empathic and less competitive than Thinking types, and focus on social harmony and cooperation.

tactics - reflects our approach to work, planning, and decision-making
29% judging | 71% prospecting: prospecting individuals are very good at improvising and spotting opportunities. they tend to be flexible, relaxed nonconformists who prefer keeping their options open.

identity - shows how confident we are in our abilities and decisions
78% assertive | 22% turbulent: assertive individuals are self-assured, even-tempered and resistant to stress. they refuse to worry too much and do not push themselves too hard when it comes to achieving goals.